How to get the most out of your storage at Charters Towers Self Storage

Selecting a Storage Space

Discuss your needs with Charters Towers Self Storage to ensure that you only pay for the storage you require. An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a larger space. However, if you need to access your storage space frequently, a well organized larger space with racks may be more convenient.

Planning your Storage Space

Larger heavy items that you can stack other goods onto are generally stored at the back of the space. Work forward and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Store goods you will need to access at the front of the space or leave a walkway to the rear if necessary. Using professional storage cartons and accessories gives maximum protection and makes storing and unpacking easier and safer.

How much will a storage unit hold?

At Charters Towers Self Storage we have 10 different sized units available for rental, ranging in size from a 1 m x 1 m locker to the largest size – 8 m x 3 m. As an example, the unit sizes listed here provides a guide for your requirements.

  • 1.5 m x 3 m space holds 2-3 rooms.
  • 3 m x 3 m space is ideal for a small home or a two-bedroom apartment.
  • 6 m x 3 m space is suitable for a larger home.  It would also suit a commercial customer who requires archive storage or would be ideal for tradesmen’s equipment.

Insurance – now that’s a good idea

The goods you have stored at Charters Towers Self Storage are yours and as such remain your responsibility. Charters Towers Self Storage recommends that you continue to insure your goods whilst in storage, just the same as you would insure them under a contents policy whilst they are in your house. Check with your insurance company to determine if they will still insure your goods whilst in storage.

Paying for your storage

There are many different payment options. We have EFTPOS to process Visa, MasterCard and debit cards. You can pay cash at the facility or transfer funds via internet banking. We can automatically deduct your credit card each month or you can pay over the phone with a credit card. Cheques are also accepted.

Storage rental is paid one month in advance.

The Storage Agreement

Let’s make things legal. At Charters Towers Self Storage we are serious about providing a clean, secure storage space for your goods. Charters Towers Self Storage is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia and uses the Standard Self Storage Agreement to protect you the storer and ourselves. It is an important legal document.   Photo ID will be required, a current Driver’s Licence, Adult Proof of Age Card or a passport is sufficient.

Some things are just not meant to be stored

Anything hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods cannot be stored at Charters Towers Self Storage.