Charters Towers Self storage can provide you with a great solution for those unruly piles of boxes and objects that you have in your spare room, carport or wardrobe. We can provide a practical and affordable option for storing objects away from your home in an environment that is clean, well-organised and secure. The different unit sizes mean that you can choose the space that suits you.

Most units have wide roll-up doors which are perfect for unloading directly into the storage unit. Other storage units are locker sized and are suitable for a couple of boxes, storing a few tools or seasonal exercise gear. Slightly larger units can fit a motorbike or jet-ski and are great for an easily accessible space outside your home. The majority of storage units are designed with domestic storage in mind and are useful if you are planning a big relocation and are unsure what furniture is going to fit or look good in your new home.

When storing items it is always a good idea to measure your unit and then set out the unit size at home so you can consider the best way to arrange your goods. This will make it quick and easy when you go to fill the unit, as you will already know the best way to arrange items. You will also be able to work out where to leave gaps for a walkway if you need to regularly access your goods. Planning your space helps highlight the best place to put shelves and racks. Another important aspect to consider is the door of your unit and how it opens. All units have roller doors or an outward opening door which means you don’t lose any space.

From ease of access to their size and layout, self-storage units can provide you with the extra space you need to store your household goods.