Avoid cable confusion

Avoid cable confusion


Your electrical equipment is very sensitive and should be handled with care. The original boxes are ideal to repack them into. However wrapping items individually in bubblewrap, packing them into large storage boxes and sealing the top will offer protection for your electronic items.

Remember to use some butchers paper (available in our Box Shop) or linen in the bottom and top of the storage boxes to provide extra protection for the contents.  This will also reduce movement whilst in transit.  Ensure that you close down your computer properly before storing.  Packaging tape is a great tool for labelling the ports.  Make a note of your “system data”.  Complete a back-up on an external hard drive before storing and keep the back-up with you.  Adding a couple of silica gel sachets to the storage boxes before sealing can help to reduce the moisture.

If you still have a vinyl record collection then pack them on their edges into the storage boxes to prevent warping.