Over the last few weeks I have been talking about how to move with pets. Here are my last 6 tips.  I hope you have a successful and happy move and even happier pets.

  1. Meet the neighbours. While it may sound corny, one of the best tips for moving with pets is to introduce them to your new neighbours. As stated before, it is easy for dogs and cats to get lost when first moving to a new area. If they get out you want as many people as possible to know they are yours. Consider taking your pet around with you as you go to introduce yourself to your neighbours. This way if your pet does escape your neighbours can tell you about it.
  2. Walk your dog. Throw a leash on your dog and start walking as soon as you can. Dogs love to explore and smell new smells, so it will help reduce the stress of the move. It will also give your dog some reference points on how to find his or her way home. The more often you can walk the better your dog will know where home is.
  3. Research your new area for your pets. Once you have gotten comfortable at your new place you shouldn’t wait long to also transition into finding out the things that are important for your pets. For example one of the first things you will want to do is contact your new veterinarian. It is possible the veterinarian who you have been using may be able to help you with this if you are not moving out of state. Your new vet is going to want all the records and medical history so don’t forget to get copies of these documents from your old vet. They are also going to ask to see a copy of your pet’s current level of vaccinations as well. Once you have a new veterinarian for your pets, ask them if there have been any high incidences of disease or heart worm that you should be concerned about. Additionally you should also ask if there are any local vaccinations that the town or city requires.
  4. Use the internet and your neighbours to find out about nearby pet stores, parks and especially dog parks if you have a dog. Knowing about all these places before you need them is a good idea.
  5. Find out local laws and customs. Finding out whether there are any specific leash laws will also be an important consideration. Some cities and towns require dogs to be on leashes at all times or possibly during certain hours.
  6. If you are buying into a gated community or an apartment complex where there is a homeowner association you should also make sure you take a very hard look at their by-laws to see what you can and cannot do with your pets. When you purchase into a homeowners association you will be governed by other people’s rules. Many people lose sight of this if they are used to having a home where no such arrangement exists.

Figuring out how to move with pets will ensure that your life and your animals are far less stressed.