How to prepare your appliances for storage.

Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly DRY and CLEAN before storing.  Whilst in storage the door should be secured slightly ajar. A deodorizer placed inside fridges and freezers is recommended to maintain freshness.  Do not place items inside as the shelves and linings can be easily marked or damaged.

Drain water from washing machines and hoses. Tape hoses to the back of the machine to avoid them being jammed under the machine and squeezed out of shape.

The same rule apply to dishwashers. Drain all of the water from the bottom of the dishwasher and store with the door slightly ajar to maintain freshness. Remember to tape the hoses to the back of the machine to avoid them being damaged in transit and storage.

Remember to drain the kettle of water and clean the toaster. At the bottom of the toaster there is usually a removable crumb catcher.  Empty it and clean before securing into place again. Give the toaster a good shake to get the rest of the crumbs out.