• Storage Needs

    What happens when I want to move out?

    When it comes time to move out Charters Towers Self Storage will be very sad to say goodbye to a great customer.  However all good things must come to an end some time so we make the process as simple as possible. All you need to do is send an email/letter giving 7 days notice. Once […]

  • Supply Boxes

    How long can I store my items?

    You can store with Charters Towers Self Storage for “as long as you like”, just so long as your rent is paid up to date in accordance with the terms and conditions of the storage rental agreement. You can rent a storage unit for a minimum time of one month. The space is then yours to safely store your […]

  • Do I give a key to Charters Towers Self Storage?

    The question is asked many times, “Do I give a key to Charters Towers Self Storage?”  The simple answer is “no”. You store it, you lock it and you keep the key. The reason is that we are a facility that provides you safe and secure self storage. Once you lock your storage unit you then […]

  • How do I gain access to my storage unit?

    At the Charters Towers Self Storage facility access is available to your storage unit via your individual PIN code.  Your PIN code is issued at the time you complete your storage agreement.  Your PIN code should be kept in a secure place and not shared with others.  Your PIN code allows access through the front gate between the hours […]

  • What size storage unit do I need?

    At Charters Towers Self Storage we have been in the business of self storage for 10 years helping customers with their individual storage needs.  Based on past experience our trained staff  can provide a reasonably accurate estimate on the size of storage unit you will require. However the Space Calculator is an excellent tool to assist in calculating […]

  • How does self storage work?

    Contact Charters Towers Self Storage for information on the best solution for your storage needs. The check-in process takes approximately 30 minutes. After an inspection of the storage unit, a storage agreement is completed (you will need to provide photo ID), book your move-in date and start moving in.   It is as easy as that. Access is […]

  • Welcome to our new website

    The new Charters Towers Self Storage website is live.  Check our blog regularly for articles, links, news and promotions. The team at Charters Towers Self Storage is here to answer all your storage questions.