• Moving with Pets – 5 Tips

    HOW TO MOVE WITH PETS   Now that you have sold your home or have leased another it is time to figure out how to move with your pets. It is an exciting time for all of the humans, but not so for our 4-legged friends. So let’s go through some tips to make moving […]

  • Storage Box Train Tracks

    Moving house or storing your possessions does not have to be all hard work – well not for the kids at least. Look at this great use of an old storage box.  And who doesn’t love a train set.

  • Medium Moving Packs

    MEDIUM MOVING PACKS are now available.  These packs are ideal if you have a unit or a small house to pack up.                     10 x Large Boxes                    15 x Small Boxes                    3 x Carry Bags                    2 x Archive Boxes                    2 x Packaging Tape                    1 x Packing Knife                    5 […]


    SMALL MOVING PACKS are now available at Charters Towers Self Storage. The pack consists of                      5 x Large Boxes                    5 x Small Boxes                    3 x Carry Bags                    1 x Packaging Tape                    1 x Packing Knife  (This is a great pack to start you off for a single room of a […]

  • How many boxes will I need?

    How many boxes will I need? Everyone is different.  Some people have lots of things and others do not.  The guide below is only appromimate but will provide a guide for you to get started.  If you buy too many boxes we will always buy back your unused boxes. 1 bedroom unit              = 12-16 boxes 2 bedroom house/unit […]

  • How to pack kitchenware and glassware.

    If you have a kitchen to pack up and store there will be many odd shapes and sizes.  You will have lots of breakables and quite a few very sharp items that you need to wrap and pack carefully so there are no mishaps when it comes time to unpack some time later. Breakables – […]

  • How to pack and store furniture.

    Preparing your furniture for storage –  All items of furniture should be emptied of all contents before removal. Pack your clothing and personal items into strong cartons with some cedar balls/moth balls or similar for protection. Take apart any pieces of furniture, for example remove the legs from tables and beds. This makes the items […]


    MAKING THE BEST USE OF YOUR STORAGE UNIT Now that you have selected your storage unit you will want to make the most of the space that you are renting. Being well-organized is a good start. Without that you will only end up wasting useful space that you may use for a number of other items. […]

  • How do I pay for my storage unit?

    The check-in process  – We make the process as easy as we can for our customers.  When you make the decision to store at Charters Towers Self Storage we take you through the check in process.  It takes about 30 minutes and you will be required to provide your photo ID.  A driver’s licence is sufficient.  Your monthly […]

  • How can I find help with packing and moving?

    When the time comes to move there a million and one things to think about – that’s the bad news. However the good news is that I have listed a few tips and hints here that should make your life easier. First of all there are currently two businesses based in Charters Towers that provide […]

  • Storage Cartons for Sale

    Are you moving house? Maybe it is across town or across Australia. At Charters Towers Self Storage we have a range of packaging supplies to help make your job easier. We sell packing boxes – small and large, archive boxes, packaging tape, packaging tape dispenser guns, bubblewrap, butchers paper, padlocks, king, queen and single mattress […]